Anti-wrinkle Treatment

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Our face shows the signs of ageing first. Age spots, sagging or dry skin, crow’s feet, wrinkles, dark circles, and generally looking tired are all big concerns about ageing skin. Even though we are not able to stop the ageing process, we can help your skin look healthy and reduce the appearance of wrinkles with any of the below-mentioned anti-ageing treatments.

Dermal fillers are one of the popular anti-ageing treatments in Dubai. These fillers are made from Hyaluronic Acid, which is a natural substance found in our body. Hyaluronic acid’s ability to hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water helps to hydrate the skin. When injected, hydraulic acid is able to plump and volume the skin, which in turn can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Anti-Wrinkle Cosmetic Injectables are a non-invasive, quick, affordable, and effective way to create a refreshed and youthful look. Wrinkle injections are made from a substance called Botulinum Toxin which can cause a form of muscle paralysis known as botulism. When Small doses are injected into specific areas directly, it causes controlled relaxation of the muscles responsible for wrinkle- formation.

Laser skin resurfacing is another innovative method to rejuvenate ageing skin. It is an ideal treatment to help even out areas of discolouration and can also reduce the appearance of fine lines. The procedure uses short, concentrated pulsating beams of light in a pre-selected pattern on the top layer of the skin.

Choosing the right treatment can be difficult, which is why we have a team of skin experts who assess your skin and suggest the best regime of treatment. All of our skin treatments are performed by highly trained professionals, meaning you are in the safest of hands at all times.To find out the best treatment for you, book a consultation at our palm Jumeirah Clinic.

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