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Immune Booster IV Drip

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Stress, lack of exercise, exposure to sunlight, lack of sleep, tobacco and alcohol suppress the immune system and expose us to infections and chronic diseases. Immune Booster IV drip is the latest IV drip that boosts your immune system with Vitamin C, B12, Glutathione and Electrolytes.

IV Immune Booster of these vitamins & nutrients is much more effective than taking oral supplements. Only 10 % of the vitamins from oral supplements are absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. With the Immune booster, the key nutrients are delivered into your body 100% and immediately.


  • Help your immune system to be in the best condition.
  • Reduces tiredness, stress and fatigue
  • Decreases oxidative stress caused by free radicals

Our IV Immunity Booster helps your body to recover full health.

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