Facial treatment

Chemical Peels

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A chemical peel is a procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the face, hands or neck to improve the appearance of the skin. This chemical solution results in the skin exfoliation and eventually peeling off. After the treatment, the new skin grows back and is often smoother, appears less wrinkled, and has less damage.

There are three types of peels which are superficial, medium and deep.

Superficial and medium peels are usually safe and have less recovery time. These two peels are not permanent and need to be repeated for longer results. Deeper peels are more risky. The result is longer-lasting and usually does not need to be repeated.

In Light peel, A a chemical solution like salicylic acid will be applied to the area using a cotton ball or brush. Once the procedure is complete, the chemical solution is removed, or a neutralizing solution is added.

During the medium chemical peel, a chemical solution containing glycolic acid or trichloroacetic acid is applied to the skin. The skin will begin to whiten, and a cool compress will be applied to the skin.

During a deep chemical peel, a cotton-tipped applicator will be used to apply phenol to your skin which turns your skin white or grey. The procedure is done in 15-minute sections to limit the skin’s exposure to the acid.

A thorough evaluation by a professional dermatologist is imperative before a chemical peel. At Finecare we offer a variety of industry-leading skin peels that exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage new ones to grow, revealing the softer, smoother skin beneath.

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