Gummy Smile Treatment

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A gummy smile, clinically called excessive gingival display, is when you smile; too much gum tissue shows above the top teeth. Even though a gummy smile is not considered a medical condition, it can affect your self-confidence and discourage you from displaying your pearly whites.

Sometimes, a Gummy smile can be a result of certain medications. Some medications can cause the overgrowth of your gums. This situation is called gingival hyperplasia.

In the past, Gingivectomy, an operation to remove excess gum tissue, was the only way to correct a gummy smile. You can quickly fix your gummy smile in under an hour with advanced technology. Botox Cosmetic injections can be used for a gummy smile correction to give the same effect as gum lift surgery.

Botox injections help to relax your facial muscles. For treating a hyperactive upper lip, we use the anti-wrinkle injection to relax the correct muscle, usually near the nose and reduce its ability to pull up your lip excessively. Depending on the muscle treated, the treatment can be as simple with less recovery time. You can go back to normal activities right after.

As one of the leading skin clinics, our priority is our safety. If the gummy smile bothers you, book a consultation with one of our dedicated consultants today.

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