Facial treatment

Topical Gold Threads

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Gold filament rejuvenation is another name for the application of gold threads for skin renewal.

The gold threads stimulate the body’s natural development of new collagen (neocollagenesis) in response to a controlled trauma or foreign body reaction, similar to other cosmetic procedures like medical microneedling. As a result, the skin becomes thicker and generally lot more supple. In certain persons, it may also have a modest tightening or lifting effect. However, compared to therapies like skin needling, the effects of gold filament treatment are far more long-lasting.

By thickening the skin through this neocollagenesis process, the treatment aims to increase its elasticity, firmness, and suppleness. Even though they are consideredĀ  as a long-lasting choice than some thread or suture products, slow thread fragmentation may occur with partial resorption by phagocytosis, when the body gradually absorbs the threads. The new collagen structure will stay in place and the person won’t notice this.

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