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Moles are a common feature of our skin caused by a collection of pigment-producing cells called melanocytes, and moles can vary in colour, size or shape. Most moles are harmless and tend to get more as we age. Abnormal mole tends to proliferate and have different sizes or shapes and a darker colour than your other moles.

Mole removal is a quick and pain-free procedure for removing cosmetic blemishes or moles under local anaesthetic with no cancer risk. Mole removal can be either a laser and/or surgical technique to ensure that all suspicious, worrying or unsightly moles are safely removed.

At Fine Cosmetics, We offer a range of methods for mole removal. The most suitable method can be used for each individual, decided at your consultation.

  • Shave Excision – This is a suitable method for a protruding mole; minimally invasive, and no stitches are required after the procedure. This method can leave a round pinkish scar where the mole has been cut out.
  • Curette and Cautery- In this method, a wire with a small electrical charge is used to burn the mole away. Minimally invasive, no stitches required. Just like the shave excision, it can leave a round pinkish scar where the mole has been cut out.
  • Elliptical Surgical Excision – Under local anaesthetic, the mole is cut away surgically. This is slightly more invasive than the other two. Stitches are required, and you must attend the clinic seven days later to remove the stitches. A fine white line scar may appear where the mole has been cut out.

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