General Dentistry Treatment

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General dentistry refers to diagnosing, preventing and treating various conditions, diseases and disorders that may affect your teeth, gums and jawbone. It involves regular check-ups, digital X-rays, and cleaning or polishing of your teeth on a daily basis. During the examination, the pictures of your teeth are placed on a screen to let you know about the condition and treatments you need. Dentists provide oral health care and periodontal maintenance for patients of all ages.

Fine Plus Medical Center brings together the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in general dentistry within a clean, comfortable and safe environment. Our highly skilled and experienced dentists provide the best possible care for each patient. Our Medical Center is well equipped with the latest technology, so it offers an advanced level of treatment.

What we offer:

  • Teeth sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Gums that bleed while brushing your teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Bad taste in Mouth
  • Pain when chewing
  • Any medical condition that risks your oral health.
  • Maintenance of restorative work such as crowns, fillings or dental implants, and Braces (Invisalign).

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