Under Eye Treatment

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Eye bags and tired-looking eyes can be caused due to heavy eyelids, puffy eyes, hooded eyes, under-eye dark circles or fine lines under the eyes. Fine Plus Medical Center offers non-surgical, minimally invasive, safe treatment options for all these concerns and gives you an improved and refreshed appearance.

Ageing is the most common cause of tired-looking eyes due to loss of collagen and fat padding. Reduced collagen levels result in loss of hydration and elasticity of the associated muscles and skin, leading to sagging and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Such sagging and fine lines are often more prominent under the eyes as the under-eye skin is really thin.

The Under-eye treatment procedure starts with applying local anaesthesia to numb the targeted area to avoid any pain or discomfort. Then, the doctor injects filler containing a gel-like substance to fix dark circles and restore the facial volume. Generally, natural hyaluronic acid is used as this substance to produce a natural-looking outcome. After the fillers are injected, cold packs are applied to minimize the occurrence of side effects like swelling or bruising.

The results of under-eye filler treatment are immediate and last for 1 to 3 years. Fillers need some time to integrate with the surrounding eye tissues and achieve the hydration balance. You will see a lifting effect right after getting this treatment; however, it takes a couple of weeks for the complete desired outcome.

At Fine Plus Medical Center, we have a number of non-surgical solutions to leave you with an overall rejuvenated eye look.

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