IV Drip

Athletic Choice

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By supplying essential energy-boosting vitamins and amino acids, the Athletic Choice drip can increase your performance and prevent the comedown. Key B vitamins and amino acids like carnitine and taurine found in our Performance Booster  assist the body’s conversion of nutrients into energy.

Additionally, magnesium and calcium, which are crucial for muscle function, are included in our Performance Booster IV. If you exercise regularly, you’ve certainly experienced hurting muscles and joints at some point. A lack of magnesium can cause muscle cramping and spasms. Magnesium can hasten your recuperation and aid with injury avoidance.

We’ve also added an electrolyte injection solution, which is necessary for adequate hydration. Electrolytes keep the body’s fluid balance in check, and any physical activity can quickly deplete them, leading to cramps, exhaustion, weakened muscles, and joint issues.

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